Codice Rosso Theatre

A chance encounter in the chaos of New York has led us to the creation of Codice Rosso (Code Red). Coming from similar backgrounds, we realized a strong connection between our vision and approach to movement.

We believe that dance is more than technique.  It is a pure, creative and personal expression reflecting our experiences, points of view, and the most intimate parts of life. We translate our thoughts, ideas, and feelings through movement.   Without boundaries using both conscious and unconscious impulses we explore varying pieces of the inner self often questioning if the sum of all parts is greater than the whole.

Signature repertory piece titled DISCONNECT focuses on this long process of human behavior and exploration of transpersonal reality. We constantly challenge ourselves as individuals and as part of a society that influences us every day in some way.

Our work recreates a new environment on stage transforming the space using simple props which reflect ideas linked with reality juxtaposing the experiences of isolation and community, unity and disunity, comfort and discomfort.  The process mirrors the unpredictable path of life’s journey allowing the company to live in the creative process.

Gessica Paperini is from Tuscany, Italy. She has presented her work and danced in Spain, Italy, Germany and United States. She studied and performed with Opus Ballett Dance Company from Florence and Yameli Rivas Dance Company. She studied at the Superior Conservatory of Dance in Madrid. While in Madrid, she had the great opportunity to work with illustrious companies like Chevi Muraday’s Losdedae and Carmen Werner and Provisional. Chevi Muraday impacted her artistic vision, as he incorporated his multicultural background to his choreographic work and made her rediscover the power of contact improvisation. She recently came to New York to study at the Martha Graham School and Limon Institute and upon graduating the Institute she has utilized the amassed knowledge to create her original release-based and impulse-ridden “action -reaction” style. She is currently a member of Overground Physical Theatre and Urban Wash Dance Company while honing her unique choreographic idiom. Her new choreographic work uses contemporary dance roots intermingled with the European theatre dance to create her trans-personal universe.

Valentina Priolo is from Sicily, Italy. She is a choreographer, dancer and musician. She began a Degree Certification in Choreography and Interpretation Techniques at the ” Escola Superior Institut del Teatre”, Barcelona. She is an international artist and has worked and collaborated with different known companies in Spain and Italy like Maria Teresa de Sanctis, Gruppo Teatro Totem, Paola Cassara’, Lollo Franco and Mizar Martinez Dance Company. She is actually studying at Limon Institute and focusing to create in her choreographies a new language  of movement  using her theatrical dance background from Europe and Limon technique approach. She has a new fresh vision of modern dance  and her work reflects  the intimate relationships of family, friends and society. She is currently a member of Urban Wash Dance Company and Overground Physical Theatre.

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