Dancer’s Turn

What is Dancer’s Turn?

Launched in June 2013, Dancer’s Turn blog presents long-form interviews and profiles of dance artists as whole, thoughtful and active persons in relationship to the world and their communities. Founders include students of the Spring 2013 “Writing on Dance” workshop series at New York Live Arts and their instructor, veteran arts journalist, critic and blogger Eva Yaa Asantewaa.

Through dynamic, accessible writing and relatable portraits of prominent and emerging dance artists, Dancer’s Turn aims to reach a broad readership who, while not necessarily insiders, are nevertheless smart and curious about the place of the arts in contemporary life. Dancers, representing the inestimable value of their profession, have much experience, knowledge and wisdom to share with all people. We offer dancers opportunities to speak out on matters of wide interest and concern. Through glimpses into these lives and ideas, Dancer’s Turn gives readers powerful insight into the world of dance, one artist at a time.

Our Staff

Editor in Chief:
Eva Yaa Asantewaa

Managing Editor:
Troy Ogilvie

Art Director:
Jazzmen Lee-Johnson

Staff Writers:
Anita Gonzalez
Jaime Shearn Coan
M. Soledad Sklate

Writer Liaison:
Evan Teitelbaum

Communications Directors:
M. Soledad Sklate
Evan Teitelbaum

Social Media Director:
Eva Yaa Asantewaa

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