Dmitrijs Gaitjukevics & Kristīne Vismane

Dmitrijs Gaitjukevich graduated from Riga Choreography School in 2003 and earned a BA degree from the Latvian Academy of Culture, the Department of Contemporary Dance Choreography (graduation work – Melkij). Gaitjukevics has danced for Latvian National Opera and Drama Theatres as well as for both the Olga Zhitluhina Dance Company and the Russian dance company, “Provincialjnie Tanci (2007/2008 Ekaterinburg). He has worked with Branko Potochan (Slovenia) on Mannersache and collaborated with “Stellaris” dance theatre and choreographer Solveig Leinan Hermo in Norway, Hammerfest. Gaitjukevics created Inside at the Latvian National Theatre in 2011. In 2013 he received the Latvian Theatre Award for the Achievements of Contemporary Dance. 

Choreographer and performer KristÄ«ne Vismane graduated from the Latvian Academy of Culture with a BA in the Arts, specialized program of the Choreography of the Contemporary Dance. Vismane currently works as a freelancer choreographer and dancer, creating and participating in different contemporary dance projects and teaching workshops. Her work, Zeir, was presented in the Latvian New Theatre Institute short-form performances project Jaunie nāk! in 2011. Another one of her works, What is Zeir, was presented in both the Latvian International Dance festival “Time to Dance 2012” and the program “Emotional Bodies & Cities Performance Exchange 2013”. In 2012, Vismane created Hours, a collaboration with dancers Evita Birule and Eva Vancāne, and Good Enough, a collaboration with director Andrejs Jarovojs. Both were nominated for the Latvian Theatre Award “SpÄ“lmaņu nakts 2012/2013” as an event of the contemporary dance of the year. Vismane also represented Latvia in the festival “Baltic Bubble 2013” with both of the works. She was nominated for a Kompass Award in 2012.