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Eran Hanlon is the Artistic Director of Hanlon Dance & Company and Founder of A Willoughby Production located in the greater Rochester, NY area. His creative inquiries into dance and movement integrate theatre, visual art, music, video, photography, literature, creative writing and other cultural artforms. His recent choreography has been featured in New York City and the greater Rochester, NY area. Hanlon’s video creations screen at national and international film festivals.

Hanlon received an MFA in Dance from The Ohio State University (OSU). A native of New England, he completed his BA in Psychology with a minor in Music Performance from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and received an MSW from Boston College. As an instructor and visiting artist at many national institutions of higher education and dance intensives, Hanlon teaches courses and master classes in contemporary dance technique, fundamentals of dance, movement & self awareness, body conditioning, yoga & living anatomy, composition, performance studies, dance theatre, movement improvisation, contact improvisation, partnering and Somatics. He has worked with other nationally and internationally recognized dance artists such as Bebe Miller, William (Bill) Evans, Missy Pfohl Smith, James Hansen, D. Chase Angier, Ming-Lung Yang, Norah Zuniga Shaw, Melanie Bales, Shawn Hove, Ford Evans, Marina Harris, Ellen Cornfield, Terry Creach, Heidi Henderson, Mariah Maloney and Amy Marshall.

Artistic Statement

Hanlon's investigations into the creative process address the aesthetic challenges of portraying concepts of the surreal within richly layered environments that incorporate dance theatre and multiple medias. He synthesizes and choreographs seemingly fragmented and non sequitur compositional source material into meaningful form and analyzes the effects that personal intention and narrative have on the delivery of performative material, specific to the conceptual theme of subconscious memories and dreams.

His current research delves into the realization of body as art and is influenced by Japanese art forms. Hanlon’s intention is to create highly intimate and intense environments by exploiting his findings of the dark and often disturbing recesses of the subconscious. In doing so, he endeavors to go beyond material form in his present work, to render the emergence of embodied otherness. Within this paradox there resides a compositional and performative challenge to shift and change in and out of alternate dimensions, ultimately accessing and expressing metaphor of the physical. It is here that Hanlon aims to capture emotionally charged movement through the power of nuance.

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