Felix Gonzalez-Torres

The Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation was established in 2002 by the Estate of Felix Gonzalez-Torres. The Foundation maintains, builds, and facilitates knowledge and understanding around the work of Gonzalez-Torres, with a commitment to foster expansive thinking, and to uphold Gonzalez-Torres’s intention to maintain space for diverse and changing points of view and questioning around the work.
The Foundation is the official body that fields exhibition requests that include or respond to the work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres and offers guidance and ongoing support for such exhibitions. The Foundation is the sole licensor of copyright in and to all works by Felix Gonzalez-Torres. The Foundation is a resource that strives to be accessible to all individuals interested in learning about and contributing to Gonzalez-Torres’s work. The Foundation continues the process of the issuance and evolution of the Certificates of Authenticity and Ownership for those works by Gonzalez-Torres that are accompanied by such certificates. The Foundation helps to facilitate publication projects. The Foundation also endows grant programs in Gonzalez-Torres’s name through other institutions.

The Foundation strives to create a multi-pronged, robust archival approach both within and outside the Foundation, serving as both a repository and index of materials and resources related to Gonzalez-Torres. The Foundation’s expansive Work and Exhibition Archives implement methodologies informed by the specific, yet open-ended nature of Gonzalez-Torres’s work itself.

Andrea Rosen is the President of the Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation, since its founding in 2002. Emilie Keldie is the Director of the Felix Gonzalez-Torres Foundation, since 2014.