Isack Peter Abeneko and Nshoma Nkwabi Nghangaamala

Isack Peter Abeneko is proud to be a Tanzanian, which is his home since in 1989. Isack got involved in traditional dance and theatre during his education in primary and secondary school. Isack is a freelance contemporary performer and dancer and emerging choreographer focusing on live stage performing arts such as music, dance and drama in various collaborative projects. He also plays the bass guitar and percussion. His artistic work is motivated by the creative and collaborative processes within cultures, politics, economics and technologies of Africa for education, entertainment and critique though the power of creative art.

Isack has participated in different projects such as cultural exchange programs, training programs, and collaborative projects in Tanzania and internationally in such countries as Denmark, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi and Mozambique. This has allowed him to experience a positive social and economic expansion in his life.

Isack is the Creative Artistic Founder of the annual Haba na Haba Contemporary Dance Training Workshop Program in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Haba na Haba received support from the Suitcase Fund of New York Live Arts in 2013 and 2014 for teaching residencies by Nora Chipaumire.


Nshoma Nkwabi Nghangaamala is a Tanzanian born in an old slave town known as Bagamoyo, home of the only art college in Tanzania and where she was exposed to dance and theater as a teen. Nshoma has participated three times in the Bagamoyo Art College International Festival in dance, theater and music as a singer.

Since 2001 she has worked on projects in Germany, including as an actress, singer and dancer in a drama at the Mama Sambona Theater Project in 2010, as a dancer and choreographer in 2008, and as a dancer in the film project the Magic Drum at the Music Shule in 2001.

She became interested in modeling in 2009 and won her first beauty competition in Dar es Salaam in 2010. She has combined dance with modeling in the Swahili Fashion Week and with KemmiKalikawe, a leading fashion designer from Zanzibar, Tanzania. She also teaches young women to participate in beauty pageants including the 2013 Miss Bagamoyo and Miss Eastern Zone Pageants, and a student placed 5th in the Miss Tanzanian Pageant in 2010.

In addition to modeling she has participated in the international Visa2Dance Festival, working with Italian choreographer Vanessa Tamburi and Spanish choreographer Aida Colmenero Diaz. She also performed in Switzerland in 2011 and at the Umoja Flying Carpet Festival in Maputo, Mozambique. Additionally she has combined dance with song, performing in the internationally known Sauti Za Busara Festival this year and placing in the top five at the Bongo Star Search of 2012.

Nshoma has attended a number of local and international dance workshops, including at the Festival of Solos and Duets in Nairobi, Kenya and also the Haba na Haba Contemporary Dance Training Program in Dar es Salaam as both student and instructor.