Kim Yaged

Kim Yaged is an award-winning writer. Her work frequently deals with identity and stereotyping with a focus on using art for social change. Kim’s operetta was showcased by the New York City Opera and won Best Musical and Best Original Production, among other honors, when it premiered. Kim received the Kennedy Center’s Meritorious Achievement Award for her play America. America also won the Audience Award at the Downtown Urban Theater Festival in New York and was part of House Special at ODC Theater in San Francisco. Kim's stories and poetry have been published by Random House, Cleis Press, Ballantine Books, and Applause, and her photographs have been shown in London, Berlin, and Tunisia. She is currently developing an animated web series based on her play Hypocrites & Strippers, a comedy about selling sex and selling out. The trailer for the series screened as a short at the Tampa International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, the Polari Film Festival in Austin, and Pride Films & Plays in Chicago.

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