Lindsay Reuter


Lindsay Reuter builds sparse, conceptually-driven performances that usually occur in proscenium settings, but don’t have to. Her work is motivated by questions about identity and agency. Recently, this manifests as specific questions about ability and by extension, dis/ability. She is interested in repurposing and re-conceptualizing function to broaden the utility and value of various behaviors, actions, abilities. She actively avoids claiming representative authority, but instead sees her work as another story, another poem, another dance in the canon of how we all get on with our lives. She builds work that is relevant to her experience, crafted in a way that feels relevant to all.



Lindsay Reuter is a dancer and dance-maker living in Brooklyn. She organizes CLASSCLASSCLASS, dances with the BALLEZ, and performs in the work of Marissa Perel, for which the New York Times called her, “boyish.” Lindsay's piece, Good Evening, Strangers will be presented as part of the Fresh Tracks Residency Performance at New York Live Arts in January 2015.


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