Keynote Conversation

A vanguard of the queer/trans community, Lynn Breedlove is a visionary who has long been shaping revolutionary art. S/he has over 3,790 hits on
The founder and frontperson of the first American out dyke punk band Tribe 8, which has always stood for queer, transgender, multiracial, and working class visibility, Breedlove has toured Europe and North America with Tribe 8 as well as Rise Above: The Tribe8 Documentary.

S/he is the acclaimed author of Godspeed, an autobiographical novel which s/he has toured as a multi-media solo show highlighted by the music and photos of women, queers, dykes, and transfolk.

Breedlove has been a featured performer at Sister Spit, Michigan Women’s Music Fest, SF Tranny March, and multiple Ladyfests and Pride fests over the last fifteen years, including Europride 2000 in Rome. IN 2003, s/he developed the concept of The Old Skool New Skool Project, a year of monthly events teaming first and second generation women’s music stars, and assisted Boo Price in producing it at the Montclair Women’s Club in Oakland.

Breedlove hosts Kvetch, an 8-year running queer open mic in SanFrancisco, as well as Gender Pirates, an ongoing cabaret benefiting United Genders of the Universe, a support and education outreach group for transgendered people in the Bay Area.

On community radio station PirateCatRadio, Breedlove hosts the Unka Lynnee Show, a two hour cavalcade of queer hits throughout the ages, liberally sprinkled with Breedlove’s comic feminist and trans theory.

S/he’s written and performed his own transgender “Man with a vagina” monologue at the behest of Eve Ensler for UC Berkeley’s 2005 production of the Vagina Monologues.

Shim just completed a two-month SF run in 2004 and again in 2005 of the developing “Lynnee Breedlove’s One Freak Show: Less Rock, More Hilarity” as a work in progress on trans body issues, feminism, community, and family. The resulting production is going on tour this year in the US and Canada (March23-April 24 – email for booking) and Europe (Feb 1-March 13); recording Godspeed, the audiobook; a translation of Godspeed for its publication in Germany; a new Tribe 8 CD with lyrics by Breedlove on issues of gender identity, sexuality, class, feminism, queer families, and community, and remixing the Tribe 8 catalogue of a decade and a half of music.

In film, he’s creating a short film version of his novel Godspeed and traveling to Paris in spring 2006 to act in Virginie Despentes’ (Baise-Moi, 2002) latest film.