Mariana Valencia

My choreography currently looks at flatness. The floor is flat, we stand on it; the ground has shape we respond to it; the earth has depth we believe in it. I manipulate bodies from imagined worlds into concrete locations. I look for urbanity and spiritual iconography inside of suburban dreams. I practice spatio-temporal timekeeping in my dances. I studied at Hampshire College where I focused on dance, installation and ethnography. I suppose I still research similar subjects but call them travel, fashion and visual pleasures, Mexico City is a recent favorite. In New York, I’ve costumed for Jen Rosenblit, Vanessa Anspaugh, Lauren Bakst, Geo Wyeth, Marya Wethers & Daria Fain. I’ve been a participant in the Chez Bushwick Arist in Residence program (2013) and I have a Studio Series residency at New york Live Arts (2013/14) I’ve also been granted generous funds by The Yellow House Fund of the Tides Foundation for the years 2010-12. 

My time is spent looking for pictures and figuring out how they exist.

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