Mariana Valencia

Mariana Valencia arrived in Brooklyn after studying dance and art history at Hampshire College in Massachusetts. Valencia's approach to choreography has developed from her curiosity in visual culture, travel and fashion. She makes installations and performances where visual research and choreographic orders meet. Her works are durational and seek to be witnessed in live contexts.

Valencia publishes a paper called Rhinoceros Event where she curates artists to write. This endeavor is in its second year and has a print and online presence. Other projects include costuming and styling for Jen Rosenblit, Vanessa Anspaugh, Lauren Bakst, Geo Wyeth and Daria Fain.

Valencia's work has been presented in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Massachusetts and has taken her to Belize, Mexico and Denmark. She received generous contributions from The Yellow House Fund of the Tides Foundation (2010-13). As a teacher, Valencia has developed an improvised object and body class where research is based on placement of everything. This research has been possible by CLASSCLASSCLASS (2010-11).