Marjorie Morrison, Mateo H. Romero and Joseph Mauricio

Marjorie Morrison has spent over 15 years doing extensive work with the military. She is the author of the book, The Inside Battle: Our Military Mental Health Crisis, and has written numerous editorials on the field of military mental health featured in TIME, Newsweek,The Daily Beast  and The Huffington Post.  Morrison speaks publicly throughout the country on the subject and is a frequent guest on NPR and television news channels. She spent a year writing and implementing a revolutionary proactive counseling program for the U.S. Marines at the Recruit Training Depot in San Diego, putting over 500 Drill Instructors through the program. She then continued her research spending years elaborating and detailing this approach, providing a groundbreaking solution to military mental health care.  

Morrison is a civilian who understands the civilian-military divide having not coming from a military background. She has become passionate in advocating education for civilians on how to work effectively with military populations. Morrison is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, a Licensed Professional Counselor and a PPS credentialed School Psychologist.

Mateo H. Romero is veteran of the Iraq War. He served in the Second Batallion Fourth Marine Regiment and saw active combat in Ramadi where he was stationed in 2004. He is an artist and writer who lives in San Pablo, CA. His art work—drawings and ceramics—is informed by his Cochiti Indian heritage, his experiences as a Marine and his upbringing in the San Francisco Bay Area. A father of two young children, he is raising his son, Cyrus, by himself. Romero’s father, Diego Romero, is a noted artist based in Santa Fe, NM and his late grandfather, Santiago Romero, was as well.

Joseph Mauricio is a coach, speaker, teacher and author who works with private clients, in public venues and offers workshops in academic, business and private sectors.

A senior meditation teacher of the Shambhala Buddhist Tradition, Mauricio began his career twenty years ago at Karma Choling Buddhist Meditation Center in Vermont, and has subsequently taught in meditation centers, schools, businesses and community centers throughout North America, Canada and Europe. He has served as the Director of Public Programs and Outreach at the Shambhala Meditation Center of New York and the Director of the Baltimore Shambhala Center.

Currently, Mauricio is the founder of L I F E W O R K SERVICES, offering meditation based life coaching. He sits on the faculty of the Institute for Compassionate Leadership, is the founder of Dharmajunkies, an engaged spiritual community, serves as the head meditation instructor for Warrior Bridge Aikidojo and is a co-director of THE WAKEFUL WARRIORS PROJECT, working to bring mindfulness training to veterans.

Mauricio studied Stage Direction, Acting and Public Speaking at Emerson University in Boston, performance writing at Narpoa University in Boulder and is the veteran of thousands of stage performances including work in contemporary and experimental theater, spoken word performance, storytelling, stand up, sketch and improvisational comedy. He has taught acting and improvisation in businesses, schools, universities and correctional facilities as well as sports teams and private clients. Mauricio  has developed these techniques with meditation for a potent and unique form of creativity training.

In his coaching and private instruction, Mauricio uses his unique life experience as a teacher, coach and performer to help guide clients realize the actualization of their innate potential.