Ostara Ball

Cristy C. Road is a Cuban-American artist, writer and musician who’s been supplying creativity for punk rock, publishing, & social justice movements since she was a teenager in Miami, circa 1997. Road self-published Green’zine for ten years, and has since released three illustrated novels which tackle gender, sexuality, mental health and cultural identity (with a tinge of bathroom humor and curse words): “Indestructible” (2005), “Bad Habits” (2008) and her most recent work, “Spit and Passion” (2013), a graphic queer-coming-out memoir (about staying in the closet and listening to Green Day). C.Road’s work has been featured in the Baby Remember My Name: New Queer Girl Writing Anthology, Live Through This Anthology, Maximumrocknroll, Razorcake, New York Magazine, The Advocate, The Progressive, and countless other published works. As a musician, Road fronted The Homewreckers for eight years, and continues to perform and write music. She’s toured nationally and internationally on her own, and with Sister Spit: The Next Generation, and the People of Color Zine Project. She is currently illustrating the NEXT WORLD TAROT Card Deck and writing pop-punk songs in Brooklyn, NY. www.croadcore.com
Queer punk supergroup from San Francisco, The Homobiles, rocks songs about cars ‘n’ babes, crimes ‘n’ change. Featuring Lynn Breedlove (Tribe 8) and Stephany Joy Ashley (Exec. Director of St. James Infirmary), Ed Varga (Homo A Go Go, sitting this show out to be substituted with Simcha from NYC) Fureigh (ex-Shondes), Corrie Bennett Varga (radical healer), and Mya Byrne (award winning songwriter).

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Horrorchata is a drag queen, event producer, fashion icon and DJ extraordinaire living and working in Brooklyn, New York. She is the founder of Be Cute, Brooklyn’s biggest underground queer dance party, Razor 5000, a themed performance party that travels around the country, and — of course — the co-founder of Bushwig Festival. Bushwig is the only drag festival in Brooklyn and the festival to which Lady Bunny herself passed down the Wigstock torch. Horrorchata has DJ’d for hundreds of parties across the United States and Europe, including the legendary Tranny Olympics in London. Bringing you Brooklyn freaky clown Latina drag, Horrorchata has captivated audiences around the world. She was named one of the top 100 most influential people in Brooklyn magazine and previously won “Drag Queen of the Year” at the Brooklyn Nightlife Awards.

Tyler Ashley, The Dauphine of Bushwick is a nightlife personality, performer, and promoter based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The Dauphine started and hosts a monthly party called BABY TEA at Wise Men bar in NYC, which has raised nearly $10k for LGBTQI youth over the course of two trans advocacy fundraisers. The Dauphine has worked with Gio Black Peter, Lina Bradford, Horrorchata, Frankie Sharp, Macy Rodman, Merrie Cherry, Charlene, Iman Le Caire, Patti Spliff, Untitled Queen, Will Sheridan, Severely Mame, Gage of The Boone, Rify Royalty, Hamm Samwich, Lady Simon, Chris of Hur, Boy Georgia, Annie Witch-Way and many more. Ashley has collaborated with fashion designers BCALLA, Vincent Tiley, Diego Montoya, and Claire Fleury. The Dauphine has performed and/or promoted at The Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Academy of Music, NADA Art Fair, BUSHWIG ’14, ’15 and ‘16, The Austin International Drag Festival, Fire Island Pines, New York Live Arts, Metropolitan Bar, Macri Park, Kinfolk 94, and The Jane Hotel.