Raja Feather Kelly | the feath3r theory

the feath3r theory (TF3T) is a New York City based performanc company that creates devised-danced-theatre and media. Devised-danced theatre – is the feath3r theory’s method and style of theatre-making. The script, physical work, and performance score originate from collaborative ideation and results in narrative structures that rely equally on behavioral storytelling as much as text and media. The work is created and performed by and ensemble of dancers and designers. Founded in 2009, the title: the feath3r theory is based off a manifesto about how and why interpersonal relationships come together and fall a part— much like feathers lilt. The number 3 in TF3T speaks to the equal importance of dance-theatre-media in the work. TF3T seeks to broaden the space for unheard voices and repressed histories; to bring into the theatre those sometimes left out; and to use theatre to provoke much-needed public conversations.