Regina Nejman is a New York City-based choreographer who creates works of contemporary modern dance that blend theater, installation, video projection, inventive sets and spoken word. Since 1993, Regina has been choreographing dances for presentation at numerous New York City venues and international locations. In 1997, she founded Regina Nejman & Company, which seeks to create and share thought-provoking, joyful works of dance that integrate the Brazilian culture Regina grew up in with the diverse, fast-paced world of New York City today.  Women’s identity is at the heart ofRegina’s choreography, and her works often contemplate themes of relationships, intimacy, self-image, vulnerability and stereotypes. Building on a movement vocabulary drawn and deconstructed from ballet, various modern dance traditions, Capoeira (Brazilian martial art form), and gymnastics, Regina creates energetic and visceral pieces in which emotions run close to the surface.