Thami Manekehla and Thabiso Pule

Hector Thami Manekehla was born in Soweto South Africa; he started dancing after leaving his favorite sport, cricket. In 1998 he joined Soweto Dance Project under the directorship of Carly Dibakwane, were he met other choreographers. He was involved in various projects and collaborations with different choreographers and dancers from South Africa & abroad. Manekehla never went to any formal dance school; his knowledge of dance and performing in the arts comes from self-practice and attending lots of workshops in South Africa and abroad. He worked with the likes of Nelisiwe Xaba, Mamela Nyanmza, Reginald Danster, Gary Gordon, the late (George Mxolisi Khumalo), Augusto Cuvillias, Kettly Noel, Moya Michaels, Salva Sanchez, Mia Haugland Habib, Fabrice Lambart, Alfred Winkler, Bea Nikles, Morten Travik, Anabel Cairo Vega, Perig Vellirbu, Yoann Allex and many various artists from various disciplines within the arts. 
In 2008 he created and directed KAROHANO-chief choreographed by him and co-choreographed by and Thabiso Pule & Haja Saranouffie. The piece won 1st prize in dans afrique dans competition that was organized by culturesfrance in tunisia.The piece was performed in different festival across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Although he never went to a formal dancing school, Manekehla has lot of xperience in theatre as a performer, creator and director-he has gained international recognition through his work. He is an active member of Sweet and Tender Collaborations network of artists.
In 2008 he was invited by a Norwegian company Mia Habib Production to participate in the 2nd SKITE/SWEET&TENDER COLLABORATIONS RESIDENCY MEETING which was held in Porto/Portugal, the company also invited him the following meetings- Living House/Dansen Husen (Norway2009), Prisma Forum (Mexico 2009). He has also been in invited by Jean Marc Adolphe, chief director of Art Magazine (Mouvement) and he is also director of (Skite) in France-to number of residencies and performance meetings in Europe.

Thabiso Heccius Puleis a dancer, choreographer, event & project manager and co founder of Kingheccius Productions who started dancing in 1998 with the community group named Soweto Community Dance Project under director Carly Dibakwane. In 2003 he was introduced in choreography by attending different workshops that were hosted in South Africa 2003 he was introduced in choreography by attending different workshops that were hosted in South Africa. Pule was exposed to different choreographers, both national and international standard. Choreographers like Nelisiwe Xaba, Gregory Maxoma, Moya Michel, Zweletho  Sebolai ,Moeketsi Koena, Gregory Gordon, George Khumalo, Reginald Danster, Pule Molebatsi, Germain Akoni, Kettly  Noel, Agusto Covilius and Fabrice Lambard.