The Next Stage Project (TNSP)

Founded in 2002 by Artistic Directors Marijke Eliasberg and Jana Hicks, The Next Stage Project (TNSP) is a dance collective, which creates performance opportunities and experiences to help dancers further their careers and realize their dreams. By forming partnerships between artists from around the globe, creating and seeking national and international venues to perform our works, TNSP aims to push artists to their next level and to challenge and encourage creative artistic growth through dance, choreography, performance, education and exchange programs.

The Next Stage Project is known for it’s organic movement style and exposing the space beyond one's kin-sphere in a satisfying combination of full body movement and small obscure interactions, portrayed by talented, strong and expressive dancers. Creating and working fast and furious, the work thrives on passion for dance – always in the moment and letting inspiration lead the way.

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