Mission:  Theatre for One is a mobile state-of-the-art performance space for one actor and one audience member.  Conceived by Artistic Director Christine Jones and designed by LOT-EK architects, Theatre for One commissions new work created specifically for this venue’s one-to-one relationship.  Embracing serendipity and spontaneity, Theatre for One is presented in public spaces in which audience members are invited to engage in an intimate theatrical exchange and and enter the theatre space not knowing what to expect.  Actor and audience member encounter each other as strangers in this suspended space and through the course of the performance allow the divisions and distinctions that separate us to dissolve.
Press quotes:

“Why crave the attention of multitudes when the most we can ask for is to be seen fully, if momentariy, by just one person?” – Michael Schulman, The New Yorker
“Theatre for One is an unforgettable, radically human experience.” -David Cote, Time Out New York
“[Y]ou may emerge with a firmer conviction to pay attention – to anything and everything.” – Charles Isherwood, The New York Times