Tina Wang

Tina Wang is a performance artist based in New York City. Identity, fragility, and resilience are key themes in her work, which draws on her experience as a Taiwanese citizen raised in Latin America and her decade of work across the gig economy (service, dance, translation, yoga). Her performances immerse the body around the objects of menial labor. She seeks to challenge assumptions about where these objects belong, who belongs with them, and their difference from living bodies.  Recently, Tina was a mentee in the NYFA Immigrant Artist Program, participant at Creative Capital’s taller para artistas profesionales, and guest artist at The Sable Project. Her work has been shown at Judson Church, New York Live Arts, Local Project Chashasma, Governor’s Island, Radiator Gallery, Nimbus Dance, Howl Performance Series (NY), Radio Bushwick, Salvatore Capezio Theater, and RESOBOX.
“I create live performances with movement and objects. My performances reflect on the desperation of mindless labor, oppressive standards of beauty, and the parallels between failed movement and unfulfilled hope. Entangling the body with ordinary, factory-floor materials, I challenge intuitions about what makes matter alive and worthy of our care. In rendering body parts as “still sculptures” through extended pauses, I contrast the body’s potential as a tool and as an object of wonder and exaltation.”