True Stages Theatre

True Stages is dedicated to bringing truth to the stage. Our highly trained directors and acting coaches ensure that our shows contain acting that is believable, organic and professional. By upholding a standard of excellence, we remain true to the craft of acting. Also, by producing honest work that addresses real life issues, we remain true to what we believe in- sincerity, hope, freedom, love, truth, healing, and compassion for humanity.
Not only do we bring our truth to the stage for every performance, we invite you to bring your truth as well. Through post-show discussions, audience members are invited to dialogue with the cast and company members, sharing their true thoughts and feelings about the subject matters of our plays. In this way, we build relationships, make meaningful connections and dissect real issues with real people.

Additionally, the True Stages educational program enables individuals to develop their artistic voices through various forms of creative expression. Students of the program learn to tell their stories and the stories of others through acting, dance, pantomime, and/or spoken word.
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