Wendy Seyb / EveryDayMan Adventures

EveryDayMan Adventures is a company created to support Wendy Seyb in the development of her work for film, theater and dance. Our goal is to engage and entertain audiences through story using the universal language of comedy, heart and dance. These stories invite the audience on adventures that celebrate our humanity, our humility, and our most exceptional attribute, the ability to laugh at ourselves. 
Outside of generating work, our mission is to introduce new ways of artistic expression to underserved communities by empowering them to create their own dance comedy stories. Currently, outreach is done through our educational branch through two new endeavors: Storytelling Lab for Choreographers, and Dance Comedy Masterclasses. Future projects include capturing on film our outreach programs and their effect, at home and abroad.
Find out more at www.wendyseyb.com