A YARD ABROAD – An Immigration Narrative

The NuMoRune Collaborative presents A YARD ABROAD – An Immigration Narrative, a collection of contemporary dance works.  It is a story of becoming American while remaining traditionally Caribbean, “It’s about how enculturation affects the formation of new identity and new cultural practices as a part of the immigration narrative,” said Chris Walker, Artistic Director and choreographer.

The source vocabulary is derived from diverse Caribbean folk and traditional dance expressions as well as  North American Urban dance expressions, textured through contemporary choreographic movement  manipulations and devising experimental theatre processes that include live music, spoken word text and action study. It shows both the historical connections to the vocabulary and also the intersections of  expression and ownership. The works raise questions about the passing down of intolerance, the negative impact of brain drain and self-exile, social and religious tensions and homophobia from the West Indian community.
The title work, A Yard Abroad, Dubwise, performed by FuturPointe Dance, affirms a Caribbean identity of self reliance through physical investigations of the “island cool” as both a survival mechanism and a way of being in the north.

The evening will also feature South Facing Window, Walker’s solo for Bessie-award winner Germaul Barnes and performances by Jermaine Rowe, Jerome Stigler and the First Wave Hip Hop Theatre Ensemble.

NuMoRune Collaborative’s presentation of A YARD ABROAD – An Immigration Narrative at New York Live Arts is made possible through New York Live Arts’ Theater Access Program. The Theater Access program is a comprehensive subsidized rental program benefiting a diverse group of dance and theater companies and producing organizations.