Aesthetic Destiny 1: Candy Mountain

“…an evening rife with mystery and laden with questions…full of striking theatrical effects.” – The Village Voice

“I make worlds composed of elements of my own obsessions.” – Walter Dundervill

Candy Mountain is a territory where fantasy narratives converge with notions of reality. Fractured drama plays out against an abstract world of dance and visual imagery, possibly providing clues to the proceedings…probably obscuring them. In the end, Candy Mountain is a mystery. Aesthetic Destiny 1: Candy Mountain features music by Justin Luchter, lighting by Carrie Wood and performances by Jennifer Kjos, Benjamin Asriel, Ben Boatright, Kevin Lovelady, Janet Dunson, Biba Bell, Megan Byrne, Penelope Margolis, Patricia Beaman, Athena Malloy, Tyler Ashley, and Burr Johnson.