Analogy (working title)

Work-in-progress showing
Bard College Theatre 2
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Bill T. Jones and his company are creating an evening-length work, Analogy (working title). Jones is using the character Ambros Adelwarth from W.G. Sebald’s The Emigrants and an oral history Jones conducted with Dora Amelan, 95 year-old French survivor of WWII. Dora Amelan's story and Sebald's Ambros Adelwarth (a quasi fictional creation) will serve as two parallel streams of investigation in search of equivalences. The equivalences Jones is in search of are notions of personal identity, duty, love, belief and the instinct for survival. Analogy (working title) strives to create a multi-dimensional experience in which the dancers suggest the process of memory, “the then and now,” “the us and them,” through their bodies and voices.