Ariel Rivka Dance, Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company, featured soloists Carrie Ellmore-Tallitsch and Paul Dennis, with special guest works by Sean Curran.

ARIEL RIVKA DANCE presents Ori, which means “my light” in Hebrew.  Married collaborators Ariel and David investigate light shifts on 7 beautiful dancers and 4 electrifying cellos. 

Soloists Carrie Ellmore-Tallitsch and Paul Dennis will feature captivating solo works created for each dancer.

Sean Curran will reinvent work scored to the English vocal group The King's Singers as “Desert Dance,” utilizing Ariel Rivka Dance’s full company. The work is informed by ideas of landscape, horizon, silence, heat, and time. Fluid movement phrases become a part of the weather suffusing the stage environment as dancers slip between the natural environment and a mystical atmosphere.

Curran will also present a new Trio, scored by David Homan, which features the poetics of 3 women alone together working in tandem and taking solos.

With bold athleticism and dramatic nuance, Carolyn Dorfman Dance creates rich worlds into which the audience can enter. Dorfman’s visually stunning tour de force, techno-savvy INTERIOR DESIGNS, with music by Svjetlana Bukvich is performed on May 28 and 29. The program on May 30 (matinee and evening) features the NY premiere of WAVESwith performance by virtuosic musicians and dancers who push the boundaries of their art forms. Commissioned score and live music by Jessie Reagen Mann, Pete List and Daphna Mor. 

Program will run 90 minutes with intermission.

Ariel Rivka Dances presentation at New York Live Arts is made possible through New York Live Arts’ Theater Access Program. The Theater Access Program is a comprehensive subsidized rental program benefiting a diverse group of dance and theater companies and producing organizations