A’Very Special Night of Dance

New York Live Arts Theater
April 7 at 7 PM
Regular $50 / VIP $75

A unique evening with prestigious New York choreographers and dance companies to benefit pediatric cancer research.
Avery Dudasch succumbed to a brain tumor at the tender age of 11. A’Very Special Night of Dance honors Avery with 100 percent of the proceeds being donated to the Morgan Adams Foundation for childhood cancer research and therapies.

Hayden Hilles, a childhood friend of Avery’s founded the event in 2018. “I lost my friend and wanted to honor her and her family while contributing to the fight against cancer. Dance has always been a part of my life and is a passion I shared with Avery. We attended numerous dance events and concerts together with Taylor Swift as one of our favorite performers. Swift’s “Fearless” became Avery’s mantra during trying times and one of my most cherished memories of Avery is how she has inspired me to live my life fearlessly.” The Morgan Adams Foundation supports laboratory and clinical research in the area of pediatric cancer, with an emphasis on cancers of the brain and spine. Through careful consideration and placement of our funding, we encourage and support research intended to improve treatment effectiveness, improve treatment outcomes and improve the quality of life for children battling cancer. For more information, please visit: morganadamsfoundation.org