Beyond the drumroll, a wake up call

New York Live Arts Lobby
Opening Party May 17, 6pm
On view until May 31st
Free w/RSVP

Beyond the drumroll, a wake up call — a performance and interactive exhibition by Collis Browne, Slow Factory and guest collaborators, urging guests to reckon with the necessary climate action needed before reaching irreversible climate disaster. The drum is the oldest instrument, representing our connection to the rhythms of life and nature. Slow Factory Labs has created drums using their plant-based Slowhide instead of plastic drum heads. In 2020 we entered the Decade of Action according to the United Nations, and as of 2023, no decisive action has been taken by any global government. With the drums symbolizing the years left to take climate action, we invite guests to beat the drums, sound the alarm, and give our government a wake up call!