Bill Chats: Story/Time: The Life of an Idea with Jedediah Wheeler and Bill T. Jones

What is the nature of an experimental action? It is simply an action the outcome of which is unforeseen.
-John Cage, Silence 

Bill T. Jones has always been on the forefront of powerful hybrid art forms…In Story/Time, he spins John Cage. A master of timing, Jones applies Cage's rigor to his own work, adding his own style and warmth. Story/Time's choreographed language is a beautiful new realm.
-Laurie Anderson

What is the the lifespan of an idea? For Bill T. Jones, the answer is not finite. It is continual and filled with indeterminacy. It opens new, even more challenging, arenas of conceptual inquiry. With Story/Time:The Life of An Idea, Bill T. Jones communes with the creative legacy of John Cage, while also discovering previously unanswered questions about his own growth as one of the most influential and provocative dance artists of our time.  Join Jones and Jedediah Wheeler, Arts and Cultural Programming Executive Director, Montclair State University, for an intimate conversation where they discuss Jones' new book and examine the complexities of Cage's work and influence on modern culture.