Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith

Body Comes Apart (Work-in-Progress)

New York Live Arts Studios
Jan 6th at 2 PM
Tickets start at $10

Presenters please RSVP here.
Live Artery showing, presenters please RSVP here. For the theatre showing of Body Comes Apart later this season, click here.

Body Comes Apart is a declaration of love, commitment, catharsis, and rage. Continuing our 10-year challenge of making work based in abstraction but in response to trauma, Body Comes Apart uses the potentialities of our bodies to challenge perceptions of female identity and understand the multiplicity of joy, pain, and suffering. Our work focuses on the bodily desire to heal oneself in connection with others. This negotiation is the foundation of the movements we develop, which value imagination and energetic touch over dominance. As co- choreographers in the making and collaborators in performance, our works are feminist episodic structures of multiplicity. Choices come from a conjoined intuitive clarity, rather than an individual strong opinion. Consensus shapes the entire tone of the work we make, and directly addresses the context of the work, which deals intermittently with healing experiences of rape. While we only work with the two of us in rehearsals, the model we have found, of understanding everything we do and make from the inside, as performers, and outside, as choreographers, allows us to deal with ourselves intimately and objectively, as bodies, and as women. By investigating privacy and ecstatic freedom we hope to create a piece that elevates trauma to a place where it can dissipate and generate a deep sense of knowing. This direct and overt way of making is also deeply connected and foundationally attached to abstraction. Our process over time has generated a huge amount of trust between the two of us and our bodies.

Choreography and Performance by Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith
Sound Design by James Lo
Set Design by Liliana Dirks-Goodman
Lighting Design by Thomas Dunn

Molly Lieber and Eleanor Smith have been making experimental dances in New York since 2006. Recent works include: Basketball (PS122 and Baryshnikov Arts Center for COIL 2017), Rude World (PS122 and The Chocolate Factory Theater for COIL 2015), Tulip (Roulette, 2013; Judson Now at Danspace Project, 2012), and Beautiful Bone (The Chocolate Factory Theater, 2012). Residencies and awards: 2018 Bessie Schonberg Fellows at The Yard, 2018 Dance In Process Residency Artists at Gina Gibney Dance Center, 2016 LMCC Process Space Residency, 2015 Rosas Summer Studios Recipient, PS122’s 2014/2015 RAMP Artist, 2014 Baryshnikov Arts Center Artist Residency Program, Cited as one of the “Best Dance of 2017” by Alastair Macaulay in The New York Times for Basketball, 2013 New York Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award Nomination for Emerging Choreographer, and 2013 NYFA Fellow Finalist Award. Guest Artists at Sarah Lawrence College in 2018, Connecticut College in 2015.