Continuous Replay (1977/1991)

Originally choreographed by Arnie Zane, Continuous Replay is a brilliant and challenging piece for performers and audience members that traces its roots to Zane’s interest in photography and film. The piece is based on 45 gestures accumulated in space and time, cunningly complicated by an improvisational score and discrete movement events. Normally performed naked by the company, student casts may be clothed. A DJ may accompany this work as a live music option.


Choreographer: Bill T. Jones, after Arnie Zane
Music: John Oswald
Cast size: 10 to 20
Length: 20 minutes

    Skills developed: 

  • • Dancing in large groups in unison
  • • Improvising within a structure
  • • For some performers, accessing disparate skills of advanced ballet technique and modern dance
  • • Establishing and building movement tempo independent of music
  • • Stamina 

    Complementary classes:

  • • Improvisation in group structures
  • • Choreography with a focus on exploring structures as both process and product

    Recently reconstructed at:

  • • Montclair State University
  • • University of Wyoming
  • • Bard College
  • • Princeton University
  • • Towson University


“Thank you so much for bringing the masterful, beautiful “Continuous Replay” to life on our students!  It was better than I had dared to hope.  Your generosity and wise guidance with the students was simply inspirational to watch.  I know they loved working with you.  What a strong, caring community you built!  The students went to such depths with their performances and took such wise risks.  I know the movement, performance and group information you gave them was very important for their growth.” – Susan Marshall, Princeton University