Cosplay @ Times Square

Sat, May 15 @ 8pm-10pm
Times Square

Photoshoot from 8:15pm-9pm Father Duffy Square
at 46th &Broadway


8:00 -10:00pm

(Father Duffy Square @ Broadway & 46th Street)

8:15 – 9:00pm  Photoshoot

9:00 – 9:30pm  Showcase

Immediately following the performance of The Motherboard Suite in Times Square is Cosplay @ Times Square. Come to Time Square in your most imaginative Afrofuturistic Cosplay outfit (or come as you are).

Inviting all Cosplayers, from DC and Marvel to games, comics, anime, books, films, or your own fantastic creativity.  Come out and show your best under the New York City lights.

As part of The Lot Radio’s month-long residency in Times Square, Cosmo & JADALAREIGN will DJ the event and spin up-tempo dance music from the African diaspora. The Lot Radio is broadcasting live from a vintage K67 kiosk from 10am-10pm in throughout the month of May in Times Square.

In partnership with BSAM, Times Square Arts, Clairesa Clay/Blerd City Con, Deirdre Hollman/The Black Comics Collective and The Lot Radio.