CROWD (2012) and Flower (2005)

CROWD (for Bill T. Jones) is a commissioned, site-specific work by artist Donald Baechler.  A large-scale paper collage constructed directly on the Ford Foundation Live Gallery wall, located in the lobby.

Like wallpaper, the mural adheres directly to the surface of the wall, and covers the entire south-facing wall of the gallery. The artist designed this configuration of the mural specifically for the Ford Foundation Live Gallery. The width and height of the wall allowed Baechler to scale the mural to a colossal size—it measures more than 31 feet wide and over 10 feet high—the largest he has ever made. The effect is to transform the space and create an immersive environment.
Also on view in the gallery is Baechler’s Flower from 2005. With this work, and others from his well-known flower series, Baechler explores texture, line, color, form, and balance. The result is a complex and engaging composition that beckons the viewer to look beyond a recognizable symbol and consider the process of art-making. Flower is part of New York Live Arts unique collection of works by visual artists that also includes works by Robert Longo, Alex Katz, Fred Wilson, Julian Schnabel and other major artists.