Ellen Robbins : Dances By Very Young Choreographers


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Dances By Very Young Choreographers


Ellen Robbins’ Dances by Very Young Choreographers, a showcase of young talent dancers, has become one of New York Live Arts’ most beloved community programs, inspiring children by exposing them to live performances created and performed by their peers.

Alumni Concert
An evening concert of work by Alumni who have continued to choreograph. Dating back as far as 1989 and as recent as 2016 the alumni are Pele Bauch, Morgana Cragnotti and Chanda Cragnotti, Saskia Globig, Samantha Scully, Lina Dahbour, Adriane Erdos, Krista Jansen, Molly Rabinowitz, Amelia Sanders, CoCo Luna Watts, Lucy Sydel, and Chafin Seymour.

Run times: Very Young Choreographers, 1 hr. 15 mins / Alumni Concert 1 hr. 45 mins

About the Artist:
Ellen Robbins