Ellen Robbins : Dances By Very Young Choreographers


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Dances By Very Young Choreographers


Dances by Very Young Choreographers will showcase solos choreographed and performed by children 8 to 18 years old who study dance and choreography with Ellen Robbins. The program is devised to give a young audience exposure to the variety of theater experiences that modern dance affords. It includes dances that are humorous, narrative, minimal, lyrical, and visually conceptual. The music selections, chosen by the choreographers, range from classical to contemporary music including folk music, jazz, and the spoken word.

Following the January 28th matinee performance there will be an evening concert by the Alumni of Dances by Very Young Choreographers, which presents work by dancers who studied with Ellen as early as 1982 to 2016.

The Young Choreographers are: Edith Barber, Yuna Clark, Autumn Domingo, Felix Gaddie, Agnes Khoury, Clementine Kline, Georgia Krasner, Colette Levy, Edie Lyu, Maisy Rosen, Alexandra Scully, Zia Sharma, Evan Werner, and Anna Wheeler.

The alumni artists are: Marina Rebecca Chan, Chanda Cragnotti Morgan Cragnotti, Lina Dahbour, Saskia Globig, Krista Jansen, Alison Moy, Jessica Poletti Love, Amelia Sanders Sylvie Schlein, and Lou Sydel.

About the Artist:
Ellen Robbins