Dances Patrelle

Madame X / The American Dream: It’s Only Business / American Overture

New York Live Arts Theater
April 12 & 13 at 7 PM
April 13 at 2PM
April 14 at 12 PM
Full $50 / Student, Senior $40

Lust. Power. Impropriety. Jealousy. Scandal… Francis Patrelle’s “Madame X” brings the famed John Singer Sargent painting to riveting life.
A proud young society woman, Amelie Gautreau, embarks on a love affair with the infamous philanderer, Dr. Samuel Pozzi. Rumors of their liaison become the talk of Belle Epoque Paris, especially after Sargent debuts his lewd portrait of Amelie, both immortalizing the scandal and setting the sharp tongues of the society ladies into a frenzy.

Set to a mesmerizing original score by long-time Patrelle collaborator, Patrick Soluri, “Madame X” debuted in 1999 to rave reviews. It was revived in 2005 with Sandra Brown and ABT’s Marcelo Gomes as the scandalous couple, but has not been seen since. More topical and important than ever “Madame X” is the can’t-miss ballet of 2019.

Debuting with “Madame X” is a brand new work by Francis Patrelle, “The American Dream: It’s Only Business” Set to César Franck’s Piano Quintet in F Minor, Patrelle’s newest work tells the stories of three families. The first family is perfection itself, masters of business and high-society. The second is white-collar respectability. The third is the blue-collar bedrock of our nation. Each family has so much to give, and maybe even more to lose.

And finally, back by popular demand is Francis Patrelle’s tour de force solo, “American Overture,” with Twyla Tharp Company star Reed Tankersley in the iconic role of Uncle Sam. You’ve never seen such a riveting, thought-provoking, or sexy vision of THAT national symbol.