Digital Dance Festival: A Quarreling Pair (2007)

Viewable ONLINE ONLY via as part of the Digital Dance Festival. 
Watch on Feb 24 here.
Watch on Feb 27 here.

In A Quarreling Pair, Jones explores the dualities present between any two people, including the struggle to co-habitate and live together against all odds. The work was inspired in part by Jane Bowles’ play of the same name: an absurdist meditation written for two puppets that explores the relationship of two middle-aged sisters who sit in separate rooms and quarrel endlessly about trivial tasks, the futility of life and their inextricable bond. The New York Times described it as a “richly textured and layered theatrical adventure.”

Live Arts’ Digital Dance Festival (DDF) began in 2014 as a continued way to challenge how audiences view and interpret live performance. Pulling from their archive of past seasons, the DDF presents screenings of performances that provoke and intrigue the ever-growing dance public. Past participants have included Steven Reker/People Get Ready, Donna Uchizono Company, Jen Rosenblit and Live Arts’ resident dance company, the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company. Performances are viewed online and tickets are pay what you wish.