Digital Dance Festival: Blue Room (2014)

Viewable ONLINE ONLY via as part of the Digital Dance Festival.  
Watch on Feb 25 here.
Watch on Feb 28 here.

A duet replete with “silky fluidity: movement that emanates from deep under the skin, where joints are loose, and the spine is airy” (The New York Times), Blue Room is a collaboration between Chinese artist Dai Jian and Russian-born Elena Demyanenko, recent alumni of Trisha Brown Dance Company. The performance features individual and paired works that explore relationship and unfold as a dialogue through myriad possible intricate and detailed existences. Two independent mindbodies with different backgrounds, behaviors, languages and cultures are sutured together. 

Live Arts’ Digital Dance Festival (DDF) began in 2014 as a continued way to challenge how audiences view and interpret live performance. Pulling from their archive of past seasons, the DDF presents screenings of performances that provoke and intrigue the ever-growing dance public. Past participants have included Steven Reker/People Get Ready, Donna Uchizono Company, Jen Rosenblit and Live Arts’ resident dance company, the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company. Performances are viewed online and tickets are pay what you wish.