Duet (1995) and POWER/FULL (2002)

These two works, created from the same movement material, reveal the wide-ranging possibilities inherent in movement.  Duet, with its simple structure, draws attention to the tension between and elegance inherent in two people moving in perfect unison.  Power/Full confronts the audience more directly, posing a veiled question about power through its soloist-against-group format.  Both works provide entry into some of the most detailed and sophisticated movement Mr. Jones has made to date. Licensed together.

Choreographer: Bill T. Jones
Music: Traditional Songs of Madagascar, Nasser Rastegar-Nejad, and Daniel Bernard Roumain / John Oswald and Laurel McDonald
Cast size: 2 / 6
Length: 15 minutes / 15 minutes

    Skills developed:

  • • Learning task-based movement
  • • Motional precision and prowess
  • • Integrating precise physical rhythms into movement without the aid of auditory cues (Duet)
  • • Negotiating difficult movement material in the context of a structure that includes improvisation (Power/Full)

    Complementary classes:

  • • Technique/movement investigation of task-based movement
  • • Improvisation in group structures; choreography with a focus on making different dances from one source material/maximizing material

    Recently reconstructed at:

  • • Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company
  • • University of Wyoming


“Duet has made me change my perception on what dance has to be and ultimately opened my eyes to the possibilities that group collaborations can bring to a single work. It also reinforced the importance of being able to work with another individual.”
-University of Wyoming Cast Member