Education of the Girlchild Revisited (OFF-SITE)

The revolutionary Education of the Girlchild: an opera first appeared in the art world in 1973. This critically acclaimed work, which won first prize in Music Theater at the 1975 Venice Biennale, captures Meredith Monk’s singular style, in which music, theater, image, and ritual are integrated into a luminous form. A poetic work conjuring cycles of growth and transmutation by exploring female/male archetypes, Education of the Girlchild Revisited features Monk’s solo from the original opera. During the second half, Monk is joined by Ensemble members Katie Geissinger, Ellen Fisher and Allison Sniffin to revive music and movement from the “Girlchild” era, including selections from Key: an album of invisible theatre (1970) and Vessel: an opera epic (1971). This masterful program revisits the source of Monk’s prolific outpouring, offering some of the most original performance work of our time.

3LD Art and Technology Center
80 Greenwich Street
1, 4, 5, N, R to Rector Street
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