Enter the Luminous

New York Live Arts Theater
JUN 3, 7PM

An artistic collaboration blending painting, poetry, music and dance. When painter Maria Popovits’ collaborated with poet James O’Dea the result was a best-selling art book titled “Enter the Luminous”. It is from this marriage of poetry and painting in which Ms. Barbosa drew her inspiration for this evening’s work premiere. Ms. Barbosa considers it a poetic meditation reflected visually in Marika’s paintings and brought to life through multi-dimensional dance capturing the audience’s heart through their eyes. The choreography by Miriam Barbosa, in collaboration with former Taylor dancer Francisco Graciano and music by John Stone, is designed to transport the audience away from the war and devastation of the world we live in and into a state of light and peaceful consciousness. The evening will open with Miriam Barbosa’s most recent work “Resilience’ to music by Stepan Grytsay, setting the full evening journey for the reflection by Rumi: “The wound is the place where the light enters you…” Marika Popovits and Miriam Barbosa will close the evening with Q&A on stage sharing the full experience of this work of art and its development process and impact with the audience. This artistic collaboration is being filmed by Monticello Park Productions keeping the work alive for prosperity.