Young Dance Collective

Everything I Was Never Taught

New York Live Arts Theater
Nov 14 – 16 at 7:30 PM
Full $20 / Student and Senior $15

Everything I Was Never Taught is a coming-of-age story that offers perspective on growing up in the world today. It follows 6 teenagers as they navigate the pressures of high school and work to find themselves and their place within a sea of peers searching for the same thing. Caught in the complexities of life as a semi-independent person, these young people long for both freedom and security. Stumbling into lessons that can only be learned through experience, they speak brutally honest truths and share the profound wisdom that only a person in the midst of transformation has to offer: what does it mean to truly know oneself, and do we ever fully arrive?

Young Dance Collective (YDC) is one of cullen+them’s professional performing companies. Comprised of six teen-aged-people, YDC works collaboratively as a group to devise concepts and material under Hannah Cullen’s direction. They generate original content that is relevant to their lives that is then shaped and built into evening-length live performance.
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