FJK Dance : Season 2017


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Season 2017


FJK Dance Season 2017 will present Fadi J Khoury’s choreography combining contemporary ballet movement with ballroom and tango partnering in unique fusion of culture and dance. Celebrating the world premiere of “Mundo” on September 14, a ballet which joins Latin American dancing and folkloric movement from the Middle East. The score includes music by Paco de Lucia and Diego Amador, played by Frank Abenante, Grammy nominee music producer and jazz pianist, and his NYC LatinJazz Ensemble. The season will also premiere “Tango on Point” inspired by the dramatic movement of tango and its sensuality in partnering, Argentinian Tango meets contemporary ballet to a passionate score of music by Astor Piazzolla, featuring a special costumes and a collaboration with fashion designer (Herve Pierre) former creative Director at Carolina Herera. Performed both nights.

The program will also include on September 15:

“Echoes” A dance inspired by “Dabke,” a folkloric traditional Bedouin dance from the mountains of Lebanon and Syria. Middle Eastern drums and percussion instruments with electric based sounds and rhythms are put together in original composition by Shamou in addition to classical folk music from the middle east.
“Reflections” A collaborative piece featuring design projections by Calvin Anderson and original composition by Peter Michael von der Nahmer, imagine light in different forms reflect on water currents, capturing movement in life’s most basic element.

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