Folk-S, will you still love me tomorrow?

Co-Presented with the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF)'s Crossing the Line Festival 2015.

A rising star quickly becoming one of Europe’s most celebrated dance artists, Italian performer, choreographer and director Alessandro Sciarroni makes his New York Live Arts debut with Folk-s, will you still love me tomorrow?. A performative and choreographic practice focusing on time, Folk-s, will you still love me tomorrow? springs from the idea of ancient folk dances as popular phenomena that have survived contemporaneity. Dancers perform the Schuhplattler, a typical Bavarian and Tyrolean dance that means “shoe batter” and literally consists of hitting one’s shoes and legs with one’s hands. The result is a deeply rhythmic and auditory work that presents dance as a rule, a dictatorship and a flux of images that follow the form, not the content. Called “…a meticulous work, capable of exciting progressively through a reiteration of actions that becomes dramaturgy” (La Repubblica), the folk material finds its clearest revelation in a loop of percussive repetition, geographically and culturally decontextualized. Folk-s, will you still love me tomorrow?  is the final of three co-presentations in the fall of 2015 between Live Arts and the French Institute Alliance Française’s Crossing the Line Festival.