Fresh Tracks 2015

Created in 1965 by Dance Theater Workshop and now continued as a signature program of New York Live Arts, the Fresh Tracks Performance and Residency Program selects six early career artists annually to receive comprehensive performance and residency support. The program begins with a showcase performance, followed by a 50-hour creative residency in the New York Live Arts studios along with introductory level professional development workshops. Artists also participate in dialogue sessions facilitating open discussion about their creative process and one-on-one consultations with the Fresh Tracks Artistic Advisor.
Jan 29 at 6pm: Come Early Toast & Mixer: Celebrating 50 Years of Emerging Artists

Same As Sister/Briana Brown-Tipley and Hilary Brown (S.A.S.)‘s Women Times Three, a collaboration with composer Beau Mullis and video artist Kit Tipley, splices together a collection of vivid imagery that delves into human nature’s reliance on the inseparable bond between terror and horror to assert dominance over our own and others’ psyches.

Nico Brown’s Nation propels his evolving relationship to formalism into a place of repurposed virtuosity, rigor and unstated emotion, in which durations of stillness, repetitive sequencing and evolving relationships to linearity and verticality result in a fiercely sentimental journey through surfacing images and exhaustive physicality.

He Jin Jang’s migrant-self the speed of a door, explores the perceptible and imperceptible timing within Jang’s choreographic process, and examines the impact that Jang’s travels between her birthplace of Seoul, Korea and other geographies has had on making time hybrid, fictional and acclimated.

Niall Jones’ a pleasure, 2014 edition, is a dance work that engages the affective materiality of labor and desire on the body. The body (object and phantom) bespeaks a site where the erotics of presence collect at the edge of choreographic architectures.

Julie Mayo’s Buoys for Escapees reveals the collision of internal experience with external environment, in which Mayo engages in overlapping movement, deconstructed language and an absurdist sense of humor towards an exploration of the ontological nature of performance, meta-consciousness, and the slipperiness of meaning making.

Good Evening, Strangers, a duet by Lindsay Reuter activates feeling, sequence, and support performed by siblings Dan and Lindsay Reuter.

Support for Fresh Tracks is provided, in part, by the National Endowment for the Arts.