Fresh Tracks 2017-18

Doug LeCours/Jessica Pretty/Lily Bo Shapiro/Sophie Sotsky/Ashley R.T. Yergens

New York Live Arts Theater
Jan 13-14 at 7:30pm
Tickets start at $10

Featuring work by Doug LeCours, Jessica Pretty, Lily Bo Shapiro, Sophie Sotsky, and Ashley R.T. Yergens.

Ashley R.T. Yergens will present Tra(n)sh. Equipped with cookies and an open invitation for political incorrectness, Tra(n)sh takes a humorous ride from overzealous optimism to total despair as Yergens simultaneously seeks a “safe space” for their audience’s opinions and their non-binary transgender body. 

Sophie Sotsky will present structure monster | joy machine.   In this accumulating, cyclical movement pattern, structure becomes foreground, falling becomes flight, and softness becomes power.  A movement sequence becomes a whirlwind.  Two human forms are lost amidst the windstorm’s blur, and then uncovered through sweet, honest fatigue. 

Doug LeCours will present Pleasure Palace, a solo study in escapist fantasy, somatic leisure, and loneliness that uses confessional narrative and a choreography of repose to explore the relationship between watching porn and pretending to be on vacation. 

Jessica Pretty will present the third, a work about desire and locating possibilities for blackness that are not palpable in real time. the third is not a survival strategy but a way of living past survival.

Lily Bo Shapiro will present epilogue, 1034 ep. #62. The work hails the receding evidences and architectures of un/certain histories, fixating and fumbling in legibility’s slippage.


New York Live Arts’ Fresh Tracks Program is New York City’s leading, season-long residency and performance opportunity for artists exploring hybrid and movement-based work at the early stages of their careers. Created in 1965 by Dance Theater Workshop, Fresh Tracks continues as a signature program in New York Live Arts’ newly minted “New Work Development Program.” Designed as a springboard for intensive choreographic, administrative and creative development, Fresh Tracks is a pioneer opportunity in the field, positioning early career artists at a unique vantage point within Live Arts’ annual programming.

Unfolding over the course of Live Arts’ regular presenting season, the Fresh Tracks Program provides five artists with a 50-hour studio
residency, a professionally-produced shared evening bill in the New York Live Arts theater, an artistic fee, one-on-one dialogue sessions with the program’s Artistic Adviser, professional development workshops led by established professionals from the field and extensive support from to Live Arts’ Marketing, Production and Programming staff.