Fresh Tracks

Featuring Ephrat “Bounce” Asherie, Franklin Diaz, Megan Kendzior, Michal Samama, Molly Poerstel and Parul Shah.

Ephrat “Bounce” Asherie In 3 Movements
In 3 Movements fuses breaking and house to reflect on our path to adulthood and the ways we come to accept the randomness of life.  

Franklin Diaz EL
In this solo dance with two singers and a percussionist that combines flamenco and contemporary movement vocabularies with African influences and Cuban sounds, Diaz considers the struggles between the past and the future.  

Megan Kendzior Rift
Shifting between moments of tender alliance, stark isolation and palpable disturbance, Rift exposes delicate and vulnerable distillations of human experience.

Michal Samama The Chicken Memorial
Is it possible to commemorate something so forgettable and unremarkable as a chicken? Can a performance assume the position of a site of remembrance?

Molly Poerstel-Taylor Do Beast
In Do Beast, Poerstel-Taylor is sourcing sensations associated with painful memories, instinct, imagined landscapes, sexuality and physical disintegration in response to duration.

Parul Shah enduring silence
Committed to back breaking work protected under the canopy of tradition, enduring silence takes its inspiration from women that persevere and their ignored sorrows, anonymous kinship, and desperate strength.

The Fresh Tracks Performance and Residency Program, created in 1965 by Dance Theater Workshop, identifies six early career artists to receive comprehensive performance and residency support. The program begins with a showcase performance in the theater followed by a 50-hour creative residency in our studios along with introductory level professional development workshops in marketing, fundraising and career development. Artists also participate in dialogue sessions facilitating open discussion about their creative process and one-on-one consultations, both with Artistic Advisor Levi Gonzalez.

Dec 13 at 6:30 Come Early Conversation: 47 years of Emerging Artists, 2011-12 Fresh Track Artists with Levi Gonzalez

Dec 14 Stay Late Mixer (The Fresh Tracks Reunion)

Previous Fresh Tracks artists include: Jeff Duncan (1965), Deborah Jowitt (1968), Wendy Perron (1970), Alice Teirstein (1974), Bill T. Jones (1977), Bebe Miller (1978) Elizabeth Streb (1979), Tere O’Connor (1984), Amy Sue Rosen (1986), Ron Brown (1987), Reggie Wilson (1989), RoseAnne Spradlin (1990), Rosane Chamecki (1991), Maura Ngyuen-Donohue (1995), and more recently, Ivy Baldwin (2000), Jen Rosenblit (2009), and Vanessa Anspaugh (2010).