Fresh Tracks 2013

Featuring new work by choreographers Martita Abril, Maximilian Balduzzi, Ben Grinberg & Nick Gillette, Daniel Holt, Leslie Parker and Gabrielle Revlock.

Martita Abril
Ripping Up the Finish is inspired by the behavior of a plastic bag in motion, what provokes it to move and the different qualities it acquires from external forces.
Maximilian Balduzzi
REQUIEM/Imposter is a study on loss and transformation that challenges the inevitability of mortality.
Ben Grinberg & Nick Gillette
Communitas is a duet at the intersection of dance and theater which explores balance, stability and exhaustion.
A Monk’s Quantum Dinner with Andre is a fusion of krump, popping, contemporary and house vocabularies that physicalizes the intent and conversation at the quantum level of the body.
Leslie Parker
Crossroads/Gateways draws upon the sacred and traditional and examines the potential to affirm and reposition black identity in America.
Gabrielle Revlock
Halo is an intimate and sensual solo that explores the fields of energy around the dancing body through the use of a hula hoop.
The 2013-14 Fresh Tracks artists come from a diverse range of movement backgrounds, defining new terrain in contemporary dance, acrobatic physical theater, krump and popping.  These six emerging choreographers were selected by the 2013 Fresh Tracks audition panel Kyle Abraham, Paisid Aramphongphan, Ephrat Asherie, Leah Cox, Boo Froebel, Wendy Perron, Carla Peterson and Vicky Shick. 

Thu Dec 19 at 6:30pm Come Early Conversation: Considering the Field for Emerging Choreographers moderated by Benjamin Kimitch, Producing Associate/Assistant to the Artistic Director with Yve Laris Cohen, Marjani Forte and Jen Rosenblit.

The Fresh Tracks Program is made possible, in part, with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the New York City Council and Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn.