Kimberly Bartosik/daela

I hunger for you (Work-in-progress)

New York Live Arts Studios
JAN 13, 2PM | JAN 15, 6:30PM
Tickets $10/Free for presenters with RSVP

As part of Live Artery, Kimberly Bartosik presents a work-in progress excerpt from I hunger for you (working title), a two-phase, dual-venue choreographic project. This project marks the culmination of a long-term examination into faith, ecstasy, compassion, and violence within specific, radical religious practices, and delves into Bartosik’s experiences within Evangelical communities and Charismatic rituals.
I hunger for you (1) will be presented during BAM Next Wave 2018 following a production residency and World Premiere performances produced by LUMBERYARD Contemporary Performing Arts Center, as part of an inaugural year BAM/LUMBERYARD partnership. The project will continue with I hunger for you (2), commissioned by New York Live Arts for fall 2019, and developed during NYLA’s Live Feed Residency Program, 2017-19.