Marymount Manhattan College


April 5-April 7
Free for MMC students; General admission $15; NonMMC Students $5
April 5 & April 6, 8pm; 2pm matinee April 6 &April 7
Runtime: 120 mins

From The Story Graph: In Müller’s fragmented eight-page text, Shakespeare’s masterpiece struggles to survive amidst the mounting rubble of literary and political history. Failed ideals and human disillusionment give way in Hamletmachine to the youth clamoring in reaction against the past in order to change the present. To break free of the continual cycle of violence within history the past is questioned and deconstructed. Moving away from psychological narrative, Hamletmachine creates a landscape of the betrayed revolution. Brown’s production challenges and provides resistance to this complicated text, inciting spectators to do the same. This performance is an exploration into the place of theatre as a sight of revolutionary change. In Müller’s words, “the slogan of the Napoleonic era still applies: Theater is the Revolution on the march.”