Tabula Rasa Dance Theater : Inside Our Skins

May 15 - 18, 7:30 PM

@New York Live Arts Theater


Inside Our Skins


A 60-minute Dance Theater piece, Inside Our Skins addresses the injustices of mass incarceration. The performance calls attention to the shocking practice of forced labor, still permitted under the 13th Amendment. Inside Our Skins also focuses on excessive punishment within correctional institutions, the separation of families, and the mental-health disorders resulting from incarceration.

Why Mass Incarceration?

Tabula Rasa Dance Theater is concerned with the pressing problems of our times, and with the historical precedents for them. We would like to motivate audiences to question their values and to help repair our damaged society. We invite audiences to consider our common humanity and to join us in our efforts to create a better future.

Tabula Rasa believes that the health of a society can be measured by its penal systems. The genesis of Inside Our Skins can be traced to the prison strike of August 2018, an ambitious nationwide protest that was largely ignored. This surprising indifference was a call to action.

About the Artist:
Tabula Rasa Dance Theater